Bad news for online shoppers: There are plans for a $5 tax on international packages.

It’s bad news for anyone who likes to shop at ASOS (so all of us?): there could soon be a $5 tax on all international packages shipped to Australia.

Fairfax obtained documents that show the Department of Home Affairs has proposed placing the tax on any overseas parcels worth under $1000.

That means anything shipped from overseas retailers, like ASOS, or from eBay, Etsy, Amazon US or any brand with an address that’s not Australian would cost $5 extra in delivery.

It’s a fact, women are shamed when they spend money on themselves. Post continues.

While it could be good news for Aussie businesses competing with international companies, boosting the local economy is not actually the reason behind the push.

The discussion paper Fairfax saw, shows the government is considering ways to subsidise the cost of security checks on packages entering the country.

There is already a $90 fee on all international packages worth more than $1000 delivered here.

Of course, it’s just a proposal for now. We won’t know anything for sure until next year’s Federal budget is revealed in May.

But it may be worth doing a big shop on ASOS now anyway. You know, just in case.

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