Can't be bothered to cook? Here are 30 women's favourite 5-minute meals.

Everyone has a go-to five-minute meal.

On the days where we don't have time (or sometimes, the desire) to cook, there's something we can whip up in minutes that still tastes pretty good. No time, no worries!

For future inspiration, we asked 30 women what their favourite five-minute meals are. Here's what they had to say...

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1. "Toast or cereal." - Emma.

2. "Beans on toast or a tin of soup." - Gillian.

3. "Chinese cucumber salad. It's literally cucumber, chopped garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil and rice wine vinegar. Takes five mins, tasty and surprisingly filling." - Bushra.

4. "Scrambled eggs with baby spinach, chopped capsicum and tomato. Or an omelette with the above and cheese." - Kirsten.

5. "Cook some pasta with peas and corn in the same pot, then mix in a tin of tuna in olive oil. When it's done, throw some parmesan on top. Super easy in one pot. Kids love it." - Nicole. 

6. "In a frypan, add olive oil and salt and pepper. Grill a piece of salmon and chopped veggies e.g. Brussels sprouts, cherry tomatoes and zucchini. And it's nice to add a bit of something else e.g. garlic or pesto for flavour." - Isobel.

7. "Chinese sausage, sliced thinly, on microwave rice, spring onion and a fried egg. With some soy sauce and maybe chilli flakes. So good." - Sam.

8. "Weetbix with cinnamon and milk, microwaved. Forever." - Shell.


9. "Nutella. Plus, a spoon." - Katie.

10. "Tomato, cucumber and olives salad with a can of tuna. Simple and tasty." - Char.

11. "This from Melissa Leong! (With pre-packet rice.)" - Renny.

12. "My post-8pm shift dinner is buttered pasta with some home grated parmesan." - Emma.

13. "Mi goreng with frozen dumplings (fry them in a frypan, then add water to steam till cooked)." - Melody.

14. "Omelette with whatever I have in the fridge - sometimes just egg and spinach." - Lily.

15. "Pesto pasta! I always keep a jar of pesto in the fridge (also super easy and quick to make yourself!) and then if I have any leftover baby spinach or cherry tomatoes I'll throw those in too." - Simone. 

16. "Scrambled egg on toast." - Polly.


17. "Two-minute noodles (ramen flavour) with a fried egg." - Emily.

18. "Two fried eggs, half an avocado and smoked turkey." - Lucy.

19. "Two eggs and all the veggies I have fried in a pan (kale, tomatoes, capsicum, mushrooms, etc.) on toast. Smothered in hot sauce or mayo." - Emmeline.

20."Plain white rice and zesty vinaigrette tuna." - Leah.

21. "Fish tacos - soft wraps, bake in oven fish, Woolies Asian style salad kit and mayonnaise." - Charlie.

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22. "Packet of microwave rice, stir in some pesto from a jar with a tin of tuna and some chopped up cherry tomatoes." - Leanne.

23. "Antipasto pasta - bacon, spinach, antipasto mix and half jar a sauce. Fry up and mix in cooked pasta." - Hayley.

24. "Olives, pickles, cheese, chicken/tuna, mayo and seed crackers." - Trish.

25. "Tin of flavoured tuna, microwave brown rice, frozen peas and corn heated in the microwave. Avocado on top to finish it off." - Karen.

26. "Gnocchi with pesto sauce or pasta sauce. Depending on what I have in the fridge I’ll also add in some chicken, baby leaf spinach or pine nuts." - Mara.

27. "Woolies roast chicken with boiled potatoes, beans, zucchini and peas mixed through with a jar of pesto." - Lauren. 

28. "Ham and cheese toasted sandwich. Simple but delicious." - Leanne.

29. "Microwave pasta, butter, cream cheese and peas. Kids seem to like it!" - Truan. 

30. "Fried rice - microwavable rice, scramble eggs add fried onion and frozen peas." - Kee 

What's your go-to 5-minute meal? Let us know in the comments.

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