The 5 things that happened on Friends that you never noticed.

Are you a huuuge Friends fan? Well this will get you thinking…

Friends is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. But when you keep a plot going for 10 years, it can be a bit hard to keep track of all of the crossing story lines.

So a few little inconsistencies in episodes can be forgiven, like names switching spelling and family background stories changing. But there are also some seriously big plot holes in the 90’s show that influence entire episodes.

WARNING: After reading this you may never see Friends in the same way again…

1. Rachel’s age constantly changes.

In this season 7 episode, Rachel is massively upset about being the last one in the group to turn 30. We’re then shown several flashbacks of when the other group members turned 30.

Except there’s one problem. Joey is really the youngest in the group. During season 1, Joey says he’s 25. Rachel is also supposed to be the same age as Monica, who is 26, because they went to high school together.

Another error is when Rachel tells Gunther her birthday is in May, but in a season 7 episode tells a police officer she’s an Aquarius, which would mean she was born during January – February.

2. It isn’t possible for Rachel to have an old key to Monica’s apartment.

During a season 8 episode, Joey and Phoebe lock themselves out of Monica’s apartment. To get back in Joey tells the superintendent there’s a gas leak. So he has the door knocked down and says he’ll replace the locks.

Which would make this next Friends moment impossible. During season 10, Monica and Chandler lock their apartment door when everyone else crashes their Thanksgiving dinner. Rachel says she has an old key from when she used to live there which she uses to unlock the door. The key works, except, it’s not the same door. Hmm.


3. Carol wasn’t Ross’ first partner before Rachel.

In season 1, Ross tells Chandler and Joey that Carol is the only woman he’s slept with in his life. He later reveals Rachel was the second girl he’d ever slept with.

But in a season 7 episode, Ross accuses Chandler of sleeping with the cleaning lady when they were in college, but Chandler tells Ross it was actually him, which he doesn’t rebut.

4. Chandler already knows how to sneak money.

In a season 7 episode Monica tells Chandler to shake the hosts hand and sneak him some money to get a table at a restaurant. Chandler then asks if she learnt that trick from her ex-boyfriend, Richard.

But Chandler already knew about this trick. In a season 2 episode, he and Joey impersonate Monica’s boyfriend sneaking money between themselves. Richard catches them does this and says they’re getting better, which suggests he’s taught them how to do it before.

5. Ross takes over Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment, but the entire building had to have been destroyed.

In season 5, the group finds out that Ugly Naked Guys is moving out and Ross wants his apartment. Throughout the seasons, the building that Ugly Naked Guy lives in actually changes – it must have been demolished and rebuilt in real life. And it’s unlikely Ugly Naked Guy would’ve had the same apartment in a new building.

Needless to say, it’s still one of our all time favourite sitcoms. Here are some of our favourite moments from Friends, that we’re sure you loved too.

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