5 healthy, happy hacks to make this week amazing.

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No matter how much you love your job, chances are that Sunday night brings about a touch of melancholy. Do yourself a favour and make this week a good one by implementing these five simple tips.

1.Get moving

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Commit to exercising every day this week. That doesn’t mean a hard HIIT session every day, throw in some yoga, a walk, maybe a boxing session. Exercise releases endorphins, which trigger positive feelings in your body. It also helps to reduce stress, burns energy and is known to improve sleep.

2. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while

?We’ve all got at least one of ‘those’ friends. You know, the ones you care so much about, think about all the time, but for some reason never get around to talking to? I’ve got two in my head right now, and if they’re reading this I bet they’ll know who they are.

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Nurturing the relationships that are important to you brings happiness and contentment and it’s as easy as picking up the phone. Do it this week and you’ll reap the benefits.

3. Spend some time alone

Stop the glorification of busy! These days it seems like there’s a competition on to be the busiest you can possibly be. Spending time by yourself is healthy though – you shouldn’t need someone else around to entertain you at all times. Grab a book and hang out on the couch, take your iPad down to a cafe alone on Sunday, or even head to the movies.


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Once you stop worrying about what other people are doing or looking for other people to talk to, you’ll find there’s something really carthartic about your own company.

4. Fight the negative with a positive

Sometimes it’s hard to fight those negative thoughts that come creeping in. This week, instead of berating yourself for thinking them, follow each negative thought with a positive one. So when that ‘groan, it’s Monday’ thought slides through, immediately follow it up with ‘it’s the start of a new week, full of new opportunities for me’.

5. Watch dog videos…

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Or cat videos, or videos of people falling over… basically, anything that’ll make you laugh. Laughter helps you relax, de-stress and triggers the release of endorphins. Plus it’s contagious, so you’re helping everyone around you feel happier too!

 There you have it – five tips for making this week one of your best yet. Try implementing them all and watch the happies roll in. Happies…. if that’s not a word, it should be.

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