The $5 activewear hack that that will stop your tights from falling down FOR GOOD.

Let me share with you a little wardrobe hack I am sure I did not invent, but discovered when I had a pair of tights that just kept falling down.

If you’re anything like me, activewear is just part of your everyday wardrobe. If I’m at the shops, gym or lounging around the house, you will most likely find me in a pair of tights because despite what Blair Waldorf says, they most definitely are pants.

However, if you’re also like me, you just throw your tights in the washing machine with all the regular clothes because who has time for this handwashing nonsense? Therefore, all of my tights end up too loose after a couple of wears and inevitably begin to slip down at the most inconvenient times, inevitably ending up in the Vinnies bin.

So I bought a pair of EXPENSIVE (more than $30) tights in the hope that they would be immune to the drop-crotch that had claimed many a pair of tights before. But, due to my confusion over the Lululemon US to Australian sizing, I still ended up with tights that were too big and constantly slipped down.

"Haha yes the best part of that workout was constantly hoisting up my tights." - SAID NO ONE EVER. Image via Getty.

Now there was no way I could put a pair of brand new $120 tights in the Vinnies bag. So I took matters into my own hands.

I considered taking in the waistband, but I have the sewing skills of an actual potato. Having them professionally altered also crossed my mind, but that sounded very expensive.


But even I - a self-proclaimed sewing potato - could fix my too-big tights with this hack.

Nearly all tights have a waistband stitched into the top which is folded over and double lined. So using nail scissors I made two tiny cuts in the fabric, on the side that faces my skin. I worked a shoelace around the outside to create a DIY drawstring.

"I am in well-fitting heaven thanks to this cheap little hack." Image supplied.

I had such great success with this, I have now altered all of my tights and I am in well-fitting heaven. Gone are the drop-crotches in the middle of a gym class, and I no longer have to inelegantly hoist my tights back up to my navel to have them fall down again seconds later.

Maybe you have some super cute maternity leggings that are too-big post baby or you're just a cheap stretchy tights fanatic like me. Please, do yourself a favour and put a DIY drawstring in. Seriously, the freedom from slippage is life changing.

What's a hack that's changed your life?