Why 42 per cent of us refuse to buy jeans that fit

42% of us do this really dumb thing with our jeans. Are you one of them?

A new survey from U.K. fashion and lifestyle club StyleCard finds 42 per cent of women would rather wear denim that’s too small than go up in size, the Daily Mail reports. Actually, we’re a little surprised that number isn’t even higher.

Nearly all respondents (87 per cent), said they wear jeans at least one time during a week, the newspaper adds, with more than 50 percent admitting they keep “skinny” jeans in their closets, intending to fit into them again. Again, shouldn’t that number be higher?

Of course, finding jeans that fit, as most women can relate, is a problem. 58 per cent say it’s difficult to find flattering denim, according to the Daily Mail. Is that all?

“Jeans have been a staple of every woman’s wardrobe for more than 50 years but some things don’t change,” StyleCard founder and CEO Paraag Amin tells the newspaper. “The image of lying on a bed desperately trying to fit into a too-tight pair of denims has been with us for decades. But in recent years, it has become increasingly common to see women in jeans that are clearly one size too small and it seems, from our study, vanity is the reason why.”

We totally get it, so here’s a hint: Next time you go jeans shopping, pick a pair that fits, no matter the size, and then just cut the tag out when you get home. After a few months, you won’t even remember that 8 is really a 12. After all, a little white lie is much more attractive than a muffin top.