Two very pregnant friends. Two VERY different bumps

Queensland fitness instructor Chontel Duncan is four weeks from birth and challenging everyone’s assumptions about how pregnancy can and should look.

Speaking as a fitness professional and mother-to-be,  Chontel feels strongly that although pregnancy may be a journey that many women experience, no two journeys need look or feel the same.

“Each women carries different and this most certainly doesn’t mean one is doing something wrong or not healthy,” she said.

When she was 27 weeks in, Chontel posted to her Facebook that despite being so far along, she had maintained her exercise regime as much as possible.

“I train as much as I can & feel great moving my body. It’s mentality [sic] and physically makes me feel alive and really happy, which you need while your body is going through a huge change like pregnancy.” She said.

This photo of Chontel with her friend may come as startling to readers when they realize these two pregnancies are only 4 weeks apart.

Mamamia spoke to Brisbane Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Brad Robinson for his view on pregnancies that may not fit the classical standard.

“As an obstetrician what I would say is that we need to stop judging pregnant women altogether.” He said.

“I am getting tired of, and frustrated by, the pressure I see women put under to look a certain way not only within weeks of delivery, but increasingly during their pregnancy as well.”

Dr Robinson also commented on exercising safely whilst pregnant.

“I encourage my patients to exercise throughout their pregnancies and it’s often possible to continue doing whatever exercise regime you were doing pre-pregnancy – albeit modified as necessary.”

Chontel’s lean torso is testament to not just her daily training efforts but also to her power to stand as a woman and say:

Here is my difference. Where is yours?

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