The parents of three-year-old Kawa Sweeney confirm that she's 'lost her battle' for life.

The parents of a three-year-old girl flown to Perth for treatment after being found at the bottom of a pool in Bali on Saturday have shared the heartbreaking news that they are saying goodbye.

Kawa Sweeney’s parents, Desmond Sweeney and Dee Tang, revealed that their little girl had “lost her battle.”

“Unfortunately, in spite of all the hopes and prayers Kawa has lost her battle,” reads a statement from the family, posted on a GoFundMe page established to aide Kawa’s medical costs.

Kawa Sweeney
Three-year-old Kawa Sweeney's parents have revealed she has "lost her battle." Image via Instagram.

"Family are saying goodbye today. We would like to thank everyone who has gone above and beyond in all of this."

The family also thanked those in Bali, the medivac team and doctors and nurses at Princess Margaret Hospital who were by Kawa's side since the accident.


"We are overwhelmed with your generosity and are grateful for all that you have given us in this difficult time," they wrote.

bali pool drowning
Kawa Sweeney was found in a Bali pool on Saturday. Source: Instagram.

Kawa was found in the pool of the villa where the family was staying in Bali. It's believed the pool was unfenced.

The girl was unresponsive when she was discovered by her parents but was resuscitated by a Perth doctor who was staying at the same resort.

Yesterday, a spokesperson confirmed that Kawa was pronounced brain dead by doctors and her parents were facing the heartbreaking decision of when to turn off her life support.