'It's what's known as a year 5.' We asked a psychic what to expect from 2021 and... okay.

If I had to list my top three... qualities, 'cynicism' would be very high on the list.

But 2020 has worn me down and honestly, I'm willing to cling to whatever hope I can find right about now.

We are about to enter a new year. This is always exciting, but right now, having endured 12 months of... whatever the hell this has been, it's everything.

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While I am aware that a calendar flicking over the January 1, 2021 isn't going to draw a line in the sand of a global pandemic (sigh), there has to be some more positive news on the horizon. Right? RIGHT?

This is where my new, trusted friend Linda Willow Roberts comes in. 

Linda is a medium and psychic known as 'the manifestor', and I practically begged her to tell me everything is going to be okay.

She didn't go that far, but Linda offered some much-needed comfort. And she didn't use that virus-related 'c' word once.

On December 21, Saturn and Jupiter moved into the sign of Aquarius. This is important, apparently, and not just because it meant the two planets looked cool and super close to each other in the sky.

"A new age is upon us and the Universe doesn't want us taking anything toxic into 2021," Linda said. Me and the Universe are on the same page here.

Linda Willow Roberts. Image: Supplied.


But first we have some typically 2020 bulls*** to get out the way.

"Energetically the last bit of 2020 might have you feeling a little bit confused, fearful and lethargic," she said.

Closing a cycle always brings a type of "clearing", which could look like a number of things: "Some examples are finally seeing lies and betrayal, illusions come to light like a curtain being pulled back or fog crawling back to where it came from.

"As with any new cycle we have a few teething problems but if you can stay in the present moment and be positive you just might glide with ease into 2021."

Finally, she said as we close down the year she felt there could be some... water-based issues because 2020 isn't going down without a fight.

"I feel water may create some problems from floods, high tides to possibly a tsunami in the world," Linda explained.

Okay. So we've made it to 2021. Now what?

Linda said 2021's energy screams 'we are one', which is heartening.

It's also a '5 year' in numerology, which typically bring about more freedom and change. Linda told me 2021 is "all about mankind and all living things in our Universe".

"Unconditional love for each other, acceptance guided with compassion," she explained.

"After 2020, aren't we all grateful for the little things?"

It's also the year of the red metal ox, based on the Chinese zodiac.

"Agricultural pursuits will expand, buying local will be more important and families fending for themselves or community gardens will seem attractive," she explained.

Does anyone else have a sudden sense to move to the country?

She continued: "technology will expand and there will be a shift in metal industries. Businesses will need to consolidate and you will see more people partnering up in groups to assist each other."

On the world stage, Linda feels there will be unrest in China and we could see technological advance in nuclear medicine.

But what about... personally? How are we, as individuals, going to find the upcoming year?

"On a personal level, if you've done the work on yourself, relationships will be stronger soul connections," Linda explained.

"There will be a depth in everything you do, no longer will material things suffice. It's the things that rock your soul that will entice you."

She said there were two words to take into the new year: 'acceptance' and 'flow'.

"2021 is about you finding balance in work and play, balancing the giving and receiving," Linda said.

"Following your passions, volunteering for your community. Using your free will and partnering with the Universe to live from a perspective of joy and gratitude for humanities highest good. 

"You felt the gut feelings in 2020, the mass fear and unease in your body. Imagine what it feels like if the mass consciousness of the world felt loving, grateful and connected."

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