Triple J's Hottest 100 has begun and fans are already praising one move.

It’s not the first time they’ve done it, but Triple J’s acknowledgement of Indigenous Australians ahead of its annual Hottest 100 countdown is being widely applauded by listeners.

Music fans heard a brief ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ message ahead of the official start to the countdown.

“Triple J strives to be inclusive, meaningful and respectful to all Australians, so we take this moment to honour Australia’s first peoples.”

The radio station acknowledged Australia’s traditional custodians “and their continuing connection to the land, waters and sky”.

“Triple J pays respect to elders past and present, and recognises that Australia is home to the oldest cultural tradition in the world.”

While Mamamia understands the acknowledgement has occurred for several years, it has propelled much discussion online.

The relevant post on Facebook attracted about 2000 likes and 200 shares within an hour.

The acknowledgement comes among increasing pressure for the radio station to change its iconic countdown to another date out of respect to the Indigenous Australians who do not support Australia Day being held on January 26.

The ABC announced a review into the date of the countdown in September last year which is still in progress.

The broadcaster said listeners would also have a chance to say when they would like the countdown to be held.

“We want the Hottest 100 to be an inclusive and respectful event for all Australians, including all the incredible Indigenous artists making great Australian music, and the listeners from all cultural backgrounds who love it,” Triple J said in a statement in September.

After hearing today’s acknowledgement message, Twitter users voice their support of the move as a small but important step forward.

Facebook users also voiced their support. One woman wrote, “goosebumps and tears! Very proud,” while another person chimed in with,”Beautiful start to the countdown Triple J. Kudos.”

There were, however, those who were less impressed.

“Hollow words. Change the date,” wrote one man.

Triple J’s recognition of Australia’s first peoples was not only symbolic, the radio station also uses the countdown as an opportunity to raise money for an Indigenous mentoring program.

Lat year $100,000 was raised for AIME, which aims to support Indigenous students in finishing school at the same rate as non-Indigenous children.

“If triple J can at least bring attention to a positive thing like AIME then they are attempting to put a positive spin on the day… I salute that,” wrote one listener.

Mamamia has asked Triple J for confirmation on how long they have been kicking off the Hottest 100 by acknowledging Australia’s traditional custodians.

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