The most pinned nurseries of 2017 all have one thing in common.

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Feature image via Tiny Whiney: Gender Neutral Nurseries.

When it comes to the big trends in nurseries this year, it appears the most-Pinned designs all had one thing in common in 2017.

Being gender neutral.

According to Popsugar, Pinterest’s most popular nursery searches in 2017 have been for Scandi, gender neutral, monochrome, and woodland nursery styles.

Which means yes, parents are doing away with the traditional blues and pinks characteristic of gender stereotypes and instead opting for more neutral colour palettes and designs.

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Monochrame magic made a major comeback this year, with grey tones finding a place in the baby’s first abode.

In the latest episode of Mamamia’s parenting podcast This Glorious Mess, Andrew Daddo and Holly Wainright discuss the biggest parenting trends of 2017.

One of the biggest? Gender neutral parenting.

Parents are, in 2017, making sure their children are being raised in a relatively gender neutral sense, without the imposition of traditional gender roles.

Unisex names are on the rise, with parents gravitating towards unisex names like Alex, Charlie and Taylor.

Oh, and even the Jolie-Pitt children are on board.

Earlier this year, it was revealed Pitt and Jolie came up with a way to make sure they’re getting the most out of each item of clothing they buy for their kids, buying a bunch of clothing in neutral colours and various sizes, allowing the kids to wear whatever they like and whatever fits them best at any given point in time.

The news came at a similar time UK department store, John Lewis, announced they would no longer use ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ labels on children’s clothing because they don’t want to reinforce gender stereotypes.

No a bad idea, in our humble opinion.

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