EXCLUSIVE: The major error that accidentally aired during the Masterchef finale last night.

In case you missed it, Monday night saw Diana Chan named the 2017 winner of Masterchef with only one point separating her and runner up Ben Ungermann.

What you may have missed, though, was a huge error on the scoreboard that went directly against the judge’s ruling that Chan was, in fact, the winner.

Sadly for Channel 10, though, some of 1.3 million eagle eyed viewers tuning into the finale did pick up on it and have wasted no time sharing what they saw.

masterchef australia 2017 winner
Ben and Diana during the finale of Masterchef. Source: Channel 10.

As it transpired, the two finalists took part in a three-stage cook-off that was compacted into a 2.5-hour long episode before 29-year-old Chan was eventually crowned as cooking Queen and awarded a $250,000 prize.

For his efforts, Ungermann received 89 points out of a possible 100. Chan, an accountant from Victoria, received 90. But that's not what was shown on the television.

"The score board at the very end actually shows Ben is 90 and Diana 89," one viewer wrote on Facebook.


Excuse me, what?

Surely that was your eyes playing tricks, right? The hours it took you to get through the 63 episodes, 23 eliminations, countless uses of the word "journey" and all of those bloody tears within this season has made you delirious, right?

According to a Channel 10 statement, no. That really did happen.

do masterchef judges taste cold food
AWKWARD. Source: Channel 10.

"To protect the winner and the highly anticipated result, two endings of MasterChef Australia are filmed by our production partner," the statement reads.

"An editing error during production meant two versions of the final score went to air last night. The episode is being amended and the correct version will appear on Tenplay and in future on-air broadcasts."

Awkward. Like, even more awkward than someone who thinks using store-bought chicken stock is acceptable...

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