Australia, meet the Bachelor women fighting for Matty J's heart.

Welcome, Bachie fans. Boy, are we glad to have you back.

In case you’ve been hiding under your bed for the last month, our favourite show is BACK in just three short days, meaning Matty J’s face and abs are about to grace our tellies once more.

And what an angelic face/set of abs they are. What a time to be alive.

Whenever you can take a break from imagining yourself licking Matty J’s torso Channel 10 chucked us Bachie fans a bone on Instagram on Sunday morning, posting a big ol’ group photo of the 22 ladies fighting to the death for his dangly bits heart.

If you ask me, there are AT LEAST three lifestyle bloggers, two party planners, and one wellness influencer in the mix.

Obviously, the rest are definitely bikini models.

Meet your Bachelorettes for 2017. ???? #TheBachelorAU Starts 7:30 Wednesday.

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For the visually impaired, here are the names and ages you must memorise by Wednesday…

Stephanie, 23

Simone, 25

Laura, 30

Leah, 24

Elizabeth, 31

Jennifer, 27

Cobie, 30

Tara, 27

Elora, 27

Alix, 24

Natalie, 26

Lisa, 24

Elise, 29

Stacey, 26

Laura-Ann, 27

Monica, 26

Belinda, 34

Sian, 23

Florence, 27

Akoulina, 29

Michelle, 31

Sharlene, 26

See you all on Wednesday night, reader friends!