The winner of The Bachelorette US has been revealed in a heart-wrenching finale.


The winner of the 2016 US Bachelorette has been revealed and now is your last chance to stop reading.

Tissues? Check. Comfort food? Check. OK, you’re ready.

Season 12’s Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher took hopeful suitors Jordan Rodgers and Robby Hayes to the final round, which was filmed in Phuket, Thailand.

The 25-year-old chose Jordan to be her one and only, handing him the final rose of the season.

The happy pair are now engaged, after the ex-pro footballer took the opportunity to propose before millions of viewers.

“I’m so unbelievably in love with you. You’re my best friend, you’re my soul mate. I’m going to keep you safe, I’m going to protect you,” Jordan told her.

“I’m going to wake up every morning and choose you, over and over and over again until you tell me I can’t.”

“I love you so much. I’ve been waiting to tell you that I love you. I didn’t want you to get down on one knee until you knew that,” Jojo responded.

The elimination of Robby was almost too heartbreaking to bear as he launched into a full-blown romantic pledge… only to be cut off.

“Robby, wait — I can’t let you get down on one knee. I can’t let you do that. I can’t let you do that because I don’t want to take that moment from you,” Fletcher said.


“I woke up this morning wanting it to be you. I fell in love with you. But my heart is somewhere else. You have made me feel the type of love that I’ve always dreamt of feeling. The type of love that I honestly didn’t believe existed.”

Jojo comforted the former competitive swimmer as he choked back his sobs.

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Viewers have had a mixed reaction to the finale, with some tweeting harsh words over Jordan being Jojo’s final pick.

However, according to Entertainment Tonight the couple are now well into planning a future together and are said to have discussed getting married as soon as next year.

“We have a house in Dallas — we’re moving in right after this,” Jordan said.

It might be over, but let’s focus on the positives: the end of one season can only mean the start of another.