The 4 Fashion Week nail trends we want on our digits now.

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While everyone might be talking about the clothes from all of the recent Fashion Weeks, it’s the nails that have us transfixed at The Glow.

1. Nude.

We’re talking very nude. Clean, perfectly filed, Anna-Wintour-style-nude nails are back. Give or take a little sheer polish. They were spotted on the runway of shows like Christopher Kane, Lie Sangbong and Coach. Minimal effort nails? We’re in.

Coach SS 2016 (Image via Getty).

The best part? If you chip them, it's not obvious at all.

Christopher Kane SS 2016 , Backstage at LIE SANGBONG SS 2016. (Images via Getty.)

2. Glitter.

Thought glitter nails polish was left behind in the '90s? Nope! We're besotted with the simple, quirky look seen on the Zac Posen runway...

Brooks Brothers & Zac Posen SS 2016 (Image via Getty).

Alternatively brighter, more opaque glitter looks are coming back too, multicoloured glitter nails were spotted on the Rashish runway and a cleaner more sophisticated look reigned at Nordstrom.

Rashish SS 2016, and Nordstrom SS 2016 (Images via Getty.)

2. Graphic.

And on the complete opposite end of the scale we have bold patterned digits. Think fun, geometric styles that are 100 per cent eye catching. Seen on the catwalk at Betsey Johnson, Libertine and Tanya Taylor, we'd recommend getting your manicurist to try this (unless you're possessed with nail wizard skills).

Betsey Johnson SS 2016 and Libertine SS 2016 (Images via Getty.)

If you want to try this at home (we salute you!) give something a little simpler a go. (Post continues after gallery.)

The navy and sheer patterned nails at the Tanya Taylor show are a good option.

Tanya Taylor SS 2016 (Image via Getty).

4. Metallic. 

This is probably our favourite trend from Fashion Week: Metallic nails 2.0. Badgley Mischka and Karen Walker's soft, silver metallic nails have us excited. THEY'RE. SO. DREAMY.

Karen Walker SS 2016 and Badgley Mischka SS 2016 (Images via Getty.)

On the flipside of the new metallic trend are these super shiney, but still quite translucent silvery nails from The Blondes runway...I have a feeling that this look is going to take off this summer.

The Blonds SS 2016 (Image via Getty).

What is your favourite new nail trend?

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