People were asked to recap 2016 in four words. Their answers are the greatest.

Video by Mamamia

There are only a couple of days left in 2016, which means your newsfeed is likely to be bursting with listicles about the best/worst moments of the year, the biggest news stories, the most popular TV shows, the best celebrity haircuts, etc. etc.

After all, looking back on a shocker of a year is still somehow more comforting than looking forward.


But perhaps our favourite recap of 2016 is happening right now on Twitter.

Collecting under the trending hashtag #2016infourwords, are thousands of pithy little posts condensing all 365 days or 8784 hours of The Year That Was into… well, yes, four words.


Allow us to ride this final bandwagon of the year and suggest a few of our own, in non-chronological order:

Two thousand and sixteen. #literally #2016infourwords (Sorry)

Tiny hands, “uuge” promotion. #trump #2016infourwords

Richie, how could you? #bachelorau #2016infourwords

I need a wine. #roseallday #2016infourwords

Britain: ‘EU later, chaps’. #brexit #2016infourwords

Rory Gilmore is [redacted]. # nospoilers #2016infourwords

Who is Rob Kardashian? #googles #butseriously #2016infourwords

What’s happening in Syria? #horror #2016infourwords

There’s always next year. #glasshalffull #2016infourwords

Got some of your own? Suggest in the comments below.


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