The ultimate workout playlist for 2015.

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What’s that? A specific playlist designed by an expert on music for exercise and sport?

Yep, it’s true.

Spotify has teamed up with said global expert, Dr Costas Karageorghis, to create the ultimate playlist for 2015, based on each of the upcoming fitness trends for 2015.

The playlist can be broken up into five groups of ten songs each, with each group representing a fitness trend.


Insanity is an intense, boot camp-type workout designed to push its devotees to their mental and physical limits.

“This selection of music is structured to give extra staying power and has the highest average tempo of the five fitness trend playlists with a stimulating 140 bpm that’s sure to keep the adrenaline flowing.

Tracks are selected to contour the participants’ heart rate, with the highpoint reached with Sigma’s Changing, a pumping track at 171 bpm that will keep you revved up to the max,” says Karageorghis.

2. Tabata

Tabata is a high-intensity, interval-based workout with 20-second periods of all-out effort punctuated by 10-second recovery periods.

“This playlist is second only to INSANITY in terms of its intensity, with an impressive average tempo of 118 bpm, and is characterised by powerful lyrical affirmations such as “I don’t ever want to give up” and “I’m stronger than I’ve been before”.

3. Cardio Dance

The imperative for a Cardio Dance playlist is that it sticks to a strong and steady rhythmic flow.

“The rhythm of the songs is an important part of this playlist: an easily extractable metre (or rhythmic pulse) facilitates the central goal of expressing the music through movement. With an average tempo of 111 bpm, as well as uplifting lyrics, the tracks on this playlist score highly for danceability and are loaded with musical features that promote rhythmic movement.”


4. Gymnastics Strength Training

Gymnastics strength training draws upon gymnasts’ common training methods into a workout that’s accessible to everyone.

“This playlist has a mid-tempo feel with an average of 112 bpm to reflect the slow, steady movements and isometric contractions – i.e. holding a position like an Iron Cross on rings, or a handstand. Music helps to block out the muscular pain associated with this form of exercise and these tracks have strong dissociative qualities – they take your mind off the ache.”

5. CrossFit

CrossFit is a workout ‘melting pot’ that blends elements of powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and athletics.

“Accordingly, the music is not used in a synchronous mode to direct the movement patterns; rather it plays asynchronously (or in the background) to enhance the training environment. The music should not be particularly loud given the internal sense of rhythm and stream of the trainer’s verbal instructions required to master the high-intensity movements involved. This is another mid-tempo playlist (average of 113 bpm) that creates an ideal sonic backdrop.”


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What’s your favourite song to work out to? 

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