What got Mamamia's Georgia so hot and bothered on ARIAS red carpet.

Stop. Revive. Survive.

The 2015 ARIA awards Red Carpet was brutal this year. It was 38 degrees, there was a lot of standing around and there was little hydration.

The celebrities were understandably hungry and parched by the time they reached us on the red carpet. Which made our cunning plan to feed and water them all the more cunning.

Mamamia’s Georgia stocked up on  brownies, lollies, bandaids and water in an attempt to ingratiate herself with the celebrities.

It worked. It left her with a few new friends, and potentially a date as well.

After leaving the Red Carpet with all necessary supplies, the celebrities went on to have a pretty eventful night.

Tina Arena‘s 16 minute speech about ageism in music had many talking, and Matt Okine’s speech about gender inequality in comedy that was later edited out by Channel 10 was impressive.

We also saw the potential emergence of an Australian version of a girl squad after Jessica Mauboy, The Veronicas and Tina Arena sang Tina’s ‘Chains’.

And Morgan Evans, if you’re reading this, Georgia IS free on Saturday night.

Check out all the best looks from the ARIAs red carpet here. 

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