FROCKWATCH: The week that 'racewear' took an interesting turn...

Races and awards shows. Like Christmas and Easter for frockwatchers, without the religion, obviously.

And the shiny gifts did not disappoint. There were white eyebrows, Maleficent-inspired race wear, and someone dressed as a Christmas tree. How festive.

Kim Kardashian kicked off the week in a tight-fitting blue silk dress, and ended it with blonde brows.

Gabi Grecko arrived at the Melbourne Cup dressed as a fire bird – complete with wings, orange hair and an engagement ring.

But Kyle Sandiland’s girlfriend Imogen Anthony outdid her with Maleficent horns – and oddly enough, a crop top.

And Ariana Grande wrapped it up at the Country Music awards looking like a Christmas tree.

Very fashion. Much crazy.

All the while, the earth continued to spin and people went on with their day to day lives.

Which is why we think we need to pause, take a deep breathe and take a look at the gi-normous week in fashion that it was:

What was your favourite post of the week?