2014 lacklustre so far? These will cheer you up, GUARANTEED

How’s your 2014 been so far? A little lacklustre? Broken New Years resolutions, toys strewn all over the floor, spare batteries supplies depleted, recycle bin full, fridge full of leftovers, three kilos of extra weight to drag around…We have exactly what you need to turn your year around, courtesy of some adorable animals and the amazing photo technology known as GIFS.

Those NYE resolutions about eating healthier … they may freak you out sometimes. But face your fears.  

Remember that saying, "If your goals don't scare you, they aren't big enough'? Well, never give up on your dream, never ever ever. Climb that wall!

Don't let failure make you feel bad about yourself and most importantly, don't let it stop you from trying again and again and again.

Ask for help when you need it. You know that saying, 'Two tongues is better than one', or hands, or whatever.

Don't beat yourself up about those holiday kilos. Get yourself a work out buddy and get cracking.

Cut out all the negative self-talk. Force your inner voice to be your best friend, not your biggest critic.

If you can't turn your day around, just dance.

But if life does get a little ruff ... there's nothing wrong with curling up in a blankie. 

Images courtesy of Tumblr