12 most memorable fashion moments from the Emmys red carpet.

They came, they posed, they sat in a room for a while, and they left. It feels like just this morning that the Emmys were on in Hollywood. Because it was.

Here are the 12 most memorable fashion moments from the Emmys 2014 red carpet.

1. Julia Roberts and her ‘LOL can’t believe I’m even here’ dress:

2. Cat Deeley wearing a lovely dress from the Tampax collection:

3. A well-known designer FINALLY agreeing to dress the glorious Melissa McCarthy. WORTH IT. She looks incredible in Marchesa:

4. The bottom half of Lena Dunham’s body attending the Emmys while the top half was attending an office lunch.

5. Amy Poehler defying the laws of nature and physics with a velvet mirror.

6. Fashion not letting Katherine Heigl out of the parking lot.

7. Zooey Deschanel’s fringe being kidnapped by some random woman:

8. Rosie Waterland’s boyfriend Jon Snow:

9. Julia Louis-Dreyfus. No comment necessary:

10. Robin Wright refusing to walk the red carpet because her perfection would break it:

11. ¯\_()_/¯

12. Hayden Penitererererererereier going PREGGO GLAM:

And because looking at the clothes people wear is an enjoyable thing to do, here are the rest of this year’s Emmy red carpet looks:

Did you have a favourite frock? 

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