All the crap we owned as 2000's teen girls that we completely forgot existed.

We’re in an age of conscious consumption, where brands are considering their ecological footprint and many are employing more sustainable practices.

And I’m glad for that. I’m a Keep Cup early adopter, and I’m seriously considering buying a bamboo toothbrush because I am all for this planet existing past next year.

But when I look back on my teenage bedroom circa 2001, I feel like a raging hypocrite considering it was filled with ENTIRELY REDUNDANT PLASTIC ITEMS.

I asked around, and it turns out all of us girls that grew up in the age of Lip Smackers and Aqua did too. In fact, I’d like to place at least some of the blame on this:

Barbie Girl
Irresponsible messaging.

So let's all feel bad reminisce together over the things in our bedrooms we forgot existed, that probably now reside in landfill  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Inflatable nylon chairs!

Plastic couch
Peak 2000s.

Every sibling had one of these, and no one was allowed to sit on anyone else's chair.

Butterfly clips!

Butterfly clips
I many.

Everything Sarah Michelle Gellar did with her hair, we did too.

Jelly bracelets!

Jelly bracelets
Stack 'em up. Image: Depop.

Bonus points if you could tie them around your wrist in an elaborate fashion.

Fuzzy diaries!

Fuzzy diary
Also came in lavender.

Basically just somewhere cute to write the name of your crush.

Fluffy pens!

Fluffy pens
For writing down song lyrics.

This contraption!

Bun cage
What are you.

Ah, this thingy. I wore mine as a bracelet for an entire year, but have recently learned it was a 'hair bun cage.'

Groovy Chick!

Groovy Chick

Bang On The Door's aesthetic resonated on a deep level.

One of these!

Plasma globe
Making you cooler since 2001.

Remember when you touched it, and it did stuff?

But also these lava lamps!

Lava lamp. Image via Wish,
Lava lamp. Image via Wish.

The coolest accessory in any bedroom.

Blow up aliens!

Alien doll
Remember me?

Its sole purpose was to sit in a corner of your bedroom and be looked at.

Plastic hair chopsticks!

Hair chopsticks
File under: things that are wrong

Just a terrible idea and let's move on.


iZone Polaroid cameras!

You know, for tiny photos. Image: Depop.

Whoever brought the iZone to the party ruled.

Sabrina's Secrets Magazine!

Sabrina mag

Feat. nail art transfers, sparkly lip gloss or bronze hair mascara.

What have we missed? Tell us in the comments!

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