If you were a teen in the 00s, here are 19 horrific things you definitely wore.

Warning: This post contains images of horrific fashion items you definitely wore in the 2000s. Some readers may find them disturbing.

Hello and welcome to the noughties fashion recap of your teenage nightmares.

Today, we’re here to remember the particularly heinous clothes, shoes and accessories that filtered down from celeb red carpets and made us feel like the coolest, flyest, hottest human beings on the planet.

Side note – here’s how the different horoscopes are terrorising others on work video meetings, is yours accurate? Post continues after video.

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Regardless of where you grew up or what school you went to in the 2000s, everyone’s teenage years were defined by a few key trends or clothes/accessories that you simply had to own or you would become a social pariah. It was that dramatic.

Maybe you wore them on casual days in Year 10. Or on the floor of the club on your 19th birthday. And maybe, just maybe, you’ve still got something on this list tucked away in your wardrobe.

Keep scrolling for the 19 2000s fashion trends you 100 per cent wore, because we could all do with a laugh.

1. Capri jeans.

SO. MUCH.CALF. Image: Getty.
This hemline isn't flattering on anyone. Image: Getty.

2. Argyle sweaters.

Approachable emo? Image: Getty.
So Sophisticated. Image: Getty.

3. This American Apparel skater dress.

Only cool girls wore this dress. Image: American Apparel.
How did it not show... everything? Image: American Apparel.

4. A ridiculously impractical sequin dress or top.

Sparkly, but itchy AF. Image: Getty.
SPARKLY. Image: Getty.

5. Dresses with jeans.

Who decided this was cool?? Image: Getty.
WHO? Image: Getty.
'See? I pulled it off!' Image: Getty.

6. A very tiny vest.

Love it when things don't fit right. Image: Getty.
Bonus points if you paired a vest with a strapless top. Image: Getty.

7. These heels of death.

DEAR LORD. Image: Twitter.

8. Corset tops, with or without a white shirt underneath.

Lindsay was, if anything, always dressed for the weather. Image: Getty.
Corsests with low rise jeans was a lot. Image: Getty.
And lace up corsets was even more. Image: Getty.

9. All the scarves.

What purpose is this scarf serving?? Image: Getty.
Did this one get in a fight with a territorial doggo? Image: Getty.
Why is this scarf so malnourished? Image: Getty.
NOT. PRACTICAL. Image: Getty.

10. A wide belt, worn high-waisted.

We blame Kim. Image: Getty.
Timeless. Image: Getty.
Remember the stretchy high-waisted belts?? Image: Getty.

11. Furry jackets.

This would not fly in 2020. Image: Getty.

12. Long tunics over jeans.

Defs recreated this exact outfit. Image: Getty.
There are a lot of crimes being committed in this photo. Image: Getty.

13. Chunky necklaces.

Made such a statement. Image: Getty.
Not sure who this is but damn that's a chunky necklace. Image: Getty.

14. Graphic tees.

If you didn't buy tees from Jay Jays, were you a 00s teen? Image: Jay Jays.

15. Tiered miniskirts.

There is so much skirt, and yet, so little. Image: Getty.
SO. MUCH. FUN. Image: Facebook.

16. These Jeffrey Campbell boots.

So many great nights in the club wearing these. Image: Jeffrey Campbell.

17. A-line miniskirts.

Love a good A-line mini! Even better when paired with a wide belt, no? Image: Getty.

18. Cardigans.

The only thing worse than a cropped cardigan is a cropped cardigan that ties up. Image: Getty.
Full length cardigans, remember those? Image: Getty.
Even cooler worn with a belt. Image: Getty.

19. A newsboy hat.

SO COOL. Image: Getty.
Don't mind me, just off to do my paper route. Image: Getty.

Feature image: American Apparel/Jeffrey Campbell.

What did you wear in the noughties? Tell us about your regrettable fashion choices in the comments below!