9 things that will make you feel old

Rick writes:

Mia was telling a story recently about having to go to the bank because there weren’t any ATMs at the time.

I paused. There weren’t any what? There was a time before ATMs? Since WHEN?

It had simply not occurred to me that there was a time before Automatic Teller Machines. Of course, logic says there must have been, but I certainly don’t remember them. For the record, I am 24 and ATMs were introduced widely in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

I have never known a time without them, and I’m pretty sure it made Mia feel old at the time. Right?

I feel old occasionally too (I know, I don’t really have the right to) like when I explain that encyclopedias used to come in volumes for almost every individual letter. And that within those letters was pretty much all the info you needed to know about everything. And that they cost thousands of dollars.

Remember when they used to give them away on game shows? Now we have the Internet and young kids will look at you funny if you try to gab on about these strange books.

What else makes you feel old? We’ve put together a list of 20 items in the gallery below. Have a look and then it’s over to you. Got any more?

Some of these were inspired by the blog WanneFeelOld but we added a few of our own: