20 of the best unique boys names.

After a unique baby name for a little boy?

We understand completely. There are far too many Toms, Dicks and Harrys out there, and there are far too many Williams, Olivers and James.

Here are our top picks for the best unique boys names that we’ve found, with a little help from Nameberry.

  1. Fisher: meaning, and there’s no prizes for guessing this one, someone who makes a living for fishing, and related to the Gaelic word for Salmon. But don’t let that put you off.
  2. Eugene: meaning well-born.
  3. Bode: of Scandanavian origin, meaning shelter.
  4. Gauge: a name, usually spelled Gage, of Old French origin that means pledge or measure, and refers to a moneylender.
  5. Sutton: meaning ‘from the South farm’, perfect if raising sheep in Tasmania.
  6. Huxley: meaning literally, ‘Hugh’s meadow’.
  7. Brentley: a variation of Brent, meaning hilltop.
  8. Blaine: from the Gaelic word for yellow.
  9. Alessandro: an Italian name, meaning ‘defender of man’. Hopefully it means defender of woman, also.
  10. Apollo: meaning ‘manly beauty’, and the name of the Greek god of healing.
    Do you reckon this little dude is a Blaise, a Benson or a Bowen?
  11. Darian: a Greek baby name, meaning gift.
  12. Anders: a Scandanavian name, but related to the Greek word for manly, Andreas.
  13. Blaise: meaning lisp or stutter. Blaise is a French baby name.
  14. Maximilian: meaning 'the greatest'.
  15. Benson: literally means, son of Ben. Imaginative, yes?
  16. Lennox: Lennox is a Gaelic name that translates to, "Lives near the place abounding in elm trees."
  17. Bowen: literally means, son of Owen. (Sidenote: twins option here, Benson and Bowen.)
  18. Ezra: meaning 'helper', a name of Hebrew descent.
  19. Santino: meaning 'little saint'.
  20. Nash: related to the Middle English word for 'at the ash tree'.

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