More than 20 people treated for drug overdoses at Melbourne dance party 'awash with drugs'.

More than 20 people have been taken to hospital, many in a critical condition, after overdosing on drugs at a dance party in Melbourne.

Twenty five people were treated after taking what is believed to be the synthetic drug GHB during the Electric Parade Music Festival at the Myer Music Bowl last night.

A fleet of ambulances took 21 people to the Alfred, Royal Melbourne and St Vincent’s hospitals.

Paramedics said they were disappointed in what they called the highest number of overdoses seen at a music event for some time.

“Really that event was awash with drugs,” State Health Commander Paul Holman said.

“There’s always a risk that they’re going to die, and that we haven’t seen that tonight is probably good luck rather than anything else.”

Mr Holman added the drug could cause people to fall unconscious by slowing the heart and causing seizures.

A further seven people were treated after leaving the event and collapsing in nearby parks and streets.

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