Swearing toddler apologises for her F-Bomb.

Is there anything funnier than an adorable 2-year-old girl screaming an unexpected profanity?


This kid’s parents nominated her for the Ice Bucket Challenge, and while she appears a willing participant, it’s painfully obvious when she drops an epic F-Bomb that she didn’t quite understand what ‘ice bucket challenge’ actually meant:

It felt a little mean right up until the moment she swore. Then (ADMIT IT) it was totally worth it.

UPDATE: The little girl who accidentally dropped an F-Bomb during the Ice Bucket Challenge revealed.

The little girl whose explicit reaction to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been viewed around the world has been revealed to be a three-year-old from Walsall, England.

Scarlett-Rose David had begged her grandparents to let her take part in the challenge.

Her grandmother, 40-year-old Carla Davis-Ball told the Birmingham Mail:

“She has picked up a few bad words when we have gone out for meals or into town.

“Children have brains like sponges and I can’t stop it.

“But she does know it’s wrong.”

Little Scarlett-Rose then filmed an ‘apology’ (kind of, she doesn’t seem too into it), with the help of her grandmother.

You can watch her apology (followed by the footage of her offending statement) below:

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