US sitcom makes incredibly racist remark about Indigenous Australians.

Well that was highly inappropriate and downright racist.

The American comedy 2 Broke Girls has come under fire for a passing “joke” made about Indigenous Australians during this week’s episode.

The racist slur happened less than five minutes into Tuesday night’s screening of the show on Channel Nine, which garnered more than 324,000 viewers.

Basically one of the male characters was explaining that he’d been dating an Australian girl over the Internet, before proclaiming that, “She’s part Aboriginal, but she has a great personality!”

Oh yes he did!

Viewers were quick to respond to the distasteful comment, with former The Block contestant Chantelle Ford tweeting her disappointment:

Other viewers took to Channel Nine’s Facebook page and Reddit to voice their mortification. Their overall tone was one of disgust and questioning as to whether overseas shows are screened as suitable before they go to air on Australian TV.

“I just think, any kind of racism against any person when it’s celebrated like it’s a joke, it’s just not OK,” one viewer told news.com.au. “Doesn’t someone watch it before it goes to air so that we know it meets our code of practice?”

2 Broke Girls began in 2011 and has divided audiences ever since.

This is not the first time 2 Broke Girls has come under attack for being racist. In 2011 The New Yorker labelled it “so racist it is less offensive than baffling”.

The show, which was created by Sex and the City’s Michael Patrick King in 2011, has always divided audience with the type of content it considers laughable.

Looks like, four years later, the show’s writers still have a lot to learn about the difference between a punch line and a punch in the gut.

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