This is what a $1,700 doughnut looks like.

To celebrate National Doughnut Week (because that is apparently a thing), Krispy Kreme has created a doughnut roughly worth the cost of a return trip overseas, a new laptop or James Packer’s tracksuit pants.

Taking three days to construct, the doughnut includes a Dom Perignon vintage 2002 Champagne jelly (because that is also apparently a thing), a 24-karat edible gold leaf, a 23-carat gold-dusted Belgian white chocolate lotus flower and to top it all off, edible diamonds.

So, this is it.

Here it is.

A $1,700 doughnut:

The doughnut made its triumphant debut at a Selfridges department store in London, plated atop a complementary cocktail made from 500-year-old Couvoisier and more Dom Perignon.


Would you ever buy one? What would you rather spend the $1,700 on?

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