17 beautiful badass breastfeeding tattoos.

There’s no doubt that breastfeeding can be an incredibly profound experience for many mothers.

Lots of women choose to commemorate their breastfeeding experience in some way. You can have your breastmilk turned into jewellery. You could hold a weaning ceremony by lighting a candle and gently feed your child for the last time surrounded by family and friends. You can write your breastfeeding story or have a special dinner to celebrate a breastfeeding milestone.

But a new trend is emerging; breastfeeding tattoos.

Check out these gorgeous #breastfeedingtattoo photos we found on Instagram.

Breastfeeding is incredibly important to me. I won’t go into all of the reasons why or how magical #liquidgold is. I cherish the bond that we share and my body’s ability to turn #love into food. I have always felt that one of my life’s purposes is to be a #mother. To me this #tattoo represents #motherhood and everything that has come along with it so far in my journey—the connection, the joy, the beauty, the struggle, the support of Mike, my determination to do my best for these two beautiful little souls. As it turns out, normalizing #breastfeeding has become a passion of mine. Once our journey comes to an end, this tattoo is my way to continue to #normalizebreastfeeding as long as this arm gets to roam the earth. #bftattoo #breastfeedingtattoo #normalizebf #bf #nurseinpublic #NIP #supportbreastfeeding #supportbf #positivebreastfeeding #bfing #motherhoodtattoo #breastfeedwithoutfear #breastfed #lactation #lactivist #momlife #bfmom #freshink

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Some mums opt for something a little more scientific, using the chemical structure of oxytocin to memorialise their breastfeeding experience.

Oxytocin anyone? #breastfeedingtattoos #bf

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Oxytocin molecules on my girl Jenn right where her baby lies. #birthnerd #breastfeedingtattoos #oxytocin

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Others chose to show it with the mythical.

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Some dads have even gotten involved.

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