15 oddly satisfying moments that every woman looks forward to all day.

Image: When Harry Met Sally.

There’s nothing that gets you through a long day at work better than the thought of getting home, putting on your tracky dacks and lying on the sofa with a glass of wine.

That’s a given. But there are also other little things in your routine that are equally (and oddly!) satisfying. Things that you’ve probably never given a second thought to. Until now.

15 moments that make you go “ahhh”.

1. That moment when your bra snaps off.

Ahhhhhhh. Best. Feeling. Ever.

2. When you can peel your nail polish off in one strip.

There’s nothing more satisfying than not having to clean up a big mess of pieces of old nail polish.

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3. Looking at your pore strip after ripping it off your nose.

We have no idea why this is so incredibly disgusting and fascinating at the same time. (Post continues after gallery.)

4. Taking tights off.

My legs can finally breathe. And feel.

5. Looking at all the makeup that came off your face and onto your makeup wipe.


6. When you tweeze a hair and get the entire thing, including the follicle.

Well, I won't be seeing you again anytime soon.

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7. Deciding in the shower that yesterday’s shaving job will last you one more day.

It’s still smooth enough, right? And really, who's going to be able to tell?

8. Waking up and realising that your hair looks like naturally tousled waves.

Beach hair for the win! This is going to be a great hair day, I can already tell.

9. Getting into bed after shaving your legs and rubbing them in the sheets.

Men will never ever know how amazingly good this feels. It’s almost better than sex.

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10. That moment when you take your heels off for the day.

When your foot touches down on ground level and you let out a huge sigh of relief because you made it through another day in heels. Go you!

11. When you find a tampon in your purse at the exact moment when you need it.

Thank you, purse. This is why I keep you full of useless crap. Because someday, you won’t be so useless after all.

12. When you apply makeup in the morning and it stays decent-looking all throughout the day.

That amazing feeling of not having to worry about applying makeup more than once in a day.

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13. That moment when you take your hair out of a tight ponytail or braid.

It’s like letting your scalp roam wild and free.

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14. Watching dead skin come off your heel during a pedicure.

Yet another disgustingly fascinating thing to watch. We just can't look away.

15. When your dry shampoo actually does its job

Nobody knows that I didn’t shower today because my hair still looks amazing. This is great. Hair, can we do this everyday please?

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Which of these do you find most satisfying?