The weird things everyone's noticing about 13 Reasons Why.

By now you’ve probably binge-watched Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and read approximately 2345 think pieces about it.

Yes it’s heartbreaking, yes it tackles some serious issues, and yes the final scene is absolutely brutal.

But it also left us with a lot of questions. Like why is there a 40-year-old man named Tony, driving around in a car we’d never be able to afford, pretending to be a teenager?

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Here are all of the things that had us scratching our heads and asking #ButWhy while watching 13 Reasons Why:

Why do the teenagers have neck tattoos? 

Most of the student body at Liberty High have tattoos and not just one or two; these kids are rocking full sleeves, neck tattoos, and major body modifications. It looks like an episode of Miami Ink.

We’re not the only ones who noticed, hundreds of Twitter users were left bewildered.


It’s actually illegal to get inked in California if you’re under the age of 18, so these tatts aren’t a reflection of a real high school setting.

And although some of the actors came into the roles with their own tattoos, the costumer designer actually added tattoos to some characters including Justin and Skye. But we don’t know WHY.

Why is Tony so old?

Although Christian Navarro the actor who plays Tony is only 25, he seems like a father figure – in fact it seems like he’s the only parent actively involved in these kids lives.

The combination of his leather jacket, his car, and his 25-year-old face, makes him seem so old and wise beside teenage Clay.


Actually, why do half the cast look like they’d have a mortgage and a couple of kids?

Fans are sharing memes on Twitter comparing what they looked like in high school, with what Zach Dempsey, the character played by 26-year-old Ross Butler, looks like as a high school student. And it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to the internet.


What’s with Clay’s scar? 

The scar on Clay’s forehead has the biggest character arc of all.

It’s constantly evolving during the series – from some serious bruising, to an obvious silicone scar patch covered with the wrong shade of foundation, to a random black line. Plus it moved around his forehead and scars don’t normally do that.


Viewers also noticed the sisterhood of Clay’s travelling scar and now 13 Reasons Why Twitter is basically an endless flow of “the f**k is Clay’s scar?”

Although it seems like an afterthought, there’s one theory that might explain it. Some clever people on the internet believe that Clay’s character always needed some version of the scar on his face so we could tell the difference between the present day scenes and the flashbacks.

If Clay has a scar on his forehead, it’s present-day Clay. If his forehead is as smooth as a baby’s bottom, it’s flashback Clay.


Why Jeff? 

Jeff Atkins was basically the Barb of 13 Reasons Why. Clay tutored Jeff for school and Jeff taught Clay about life and love and tried to get him out of his comfort zone. So when it’s suddenly revealed in episode 10 that Jeff dies in a car crash after Sheri knocks over the stop sign, it’s bloody devastating.

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Why Jeff? Where’s his funeral? Where’s his tapes? How can they introduce us to such a genuine, nice character and then rip him away from us, without so much as a proper farewell?

Jeff’s sudden death prompted the start of the ‘Jeff Deserved Better’ campaign on social media.


We can only hope that Jeff and Barb are together now, in a better place, plotting their revenge on Netflix’s original series.

Have you noticed any other weird things in 13 Reasons Why? Tell us about it in the comments below.