We've just discovered this 13 Reasons Why star has movie star parents.

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why has captured audiences worldwide for a story line that is unashamedly dark.

The thirteen part series, that follows the suicide of a girl in high school, has earned a huge fan following despite being released just two weeks ago.

It seems that most of us were too busy binging the series to realise one of its stars has A-list celebrity parents.

Missed the series? Here’s why you shouldn’t. Article continues after podcast.

The character of Skye, who fans will remember as the tattooed barista at Monet, is played by Sosie Bacon.

Sosie is the 25-year-old daughter of actor Kevin Bacon, 58, and actress Kyra Sedgwick, 51.

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Bacon and Sedwick met on the set of Lemon Sky and married in 1988. Sosie was born four years later in 1992.

Although she is nowhere as prolific as her star parents, Sosie has been acting since her first role in the film Loverboy in 2005.

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Let’s hope the series produces a Second Season in order for Sosie to give some more screen time.

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