13 awesome home organising hacks

From jewellery storage solutions to electronics cord management – and most home organising projects in between – check out these smart ideas from around the Web.

Paper towel holder bracelet storage

This is so perfect. The Adventures of VAMH uses an upright paper towel holder to store and organise bracelets.

Plastic bin ribbon organiser

Props to Spunky Junky for the brilliant idea to use a perforated plastic bin and dowel rod for a ribbon organiser that keeps everything perfectly in its place.

Shower curtain hook handbag hangers

Shower curtain hooks make such a great solution as handbag hangers in a closet, says blogger Tart House (who put a real-world spin on a Real Simple idea).

Shower curtain ring scarf holder

Shower curtain rings work great for scarves -- especially when arranged in this cool Olympic rings-like format thanks to Irina’s Cute Box.

Magnetised spice jars from baby food jars

One Lucky Pickle came up with the smart idea to magnetise baby food jars, dress them up, and use them as spice jars to keep all that goodness neat and tidy. Such cute, functional upcycling!

Cutlery tray jewellery organiser

A cutlery tray works so well for organising jewellery, as showcased by Mini Manor Blog.

Cardboard roll wrapping paper saver

This is one of our favourites - such an easy solution for a problem that kind of seemed intractable. The Cheese Thief tells you how to keep your wrapping paper tidy and in good shape by making protective cuffs out of (wait for it) used cardboard wrapping paper rolls!

Tissue box plastic bag dispenser

Reuse empty cardboard tissue boxes as great places to stuff plastic bags and pull them out one at a time for dog walking or recycling the bags at the supermarket. Thanks, SpaceWise Organizing.

Ice cube tray jewellery organiser

Say goodbye to tangled messes with an ice cube tray jewellery organiser, thanks to I Heart Organizing.

Toilet paper tube cord holders

Among toilet paper rolls’ many other uses: They make perfect cord organisers! Well done, Instructables.

Canned drink tabs to offset hangers

Madam Chino has the solution for keeping a small closet organised (and magically making it feel bigger). Use drink can tabs to offset hangers, keeping ensembles together and maximising space.

Magazine rack pot lid organiser

A magazine rack works wonders as a pot lid rack, as we found on Simple Bites.

PVC pipe hair tool holder

Instead of dealing with a bunch of hair tools clanging around under your sink, try PVC piping in various configurations to store things like flat irons and hair dryers, like the one blogger Don’t Worry. Be Happy. Keep Learning. spotted at a friend’s house.

Do you have some hacks we haven't thought of?

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