12 non-reasons to celebrate

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My friend Annie’s mum always says, ‘From Melbourne Cup Day to the Australia Day long weekend, Australia is in party mode.’

This is almost true – my birthday is at the end of October so for me, the silly season kicks off even earlier.

But sometimes, I wonder, why are all the celebration points on the calendar packed so close together? Whoever planned this did not do the appropriate time management course. Three months of intensive eating, drinking and making merry and then, nothing – a big, party-less void.

And when you think of it, the beginning of January is really a bad time to have New Year – everyone’s away, restaurants are all booked out and everything costs a bomb.

Here’s my solution: celebrate when you feel like it, whether there’s two of you or 200. You don’t have to look very far to find a reason, but here are some thought- starters.


• It’s a day that ends in ‘y’

• You’ve started something (eg. a job, a relationship)

• You’ve finished something (eg. a job, a relationship)

• The weather’s nice, so it’s great to be outside

• The weather’s crap, so it’s nice to be inside

• There was a special on brie

• They’re repeating the Kardashian wedding

• The washing machine is broken

• The dishwasher is fixed

• Olives exist

• Ditto bread

• Friends

The point is there’s no reason to wait for an occasion and no need to gather a crowd. A couple of mates, a platter of delicious food, and a bottle of something a teensy bit special. So will I wait for my birthday? Seems much more fun to choose from the list above.

Riccadonna Allegra is the perfect way to celebrate everything, or nothing. It’s not as sweet as the Riccadonna you might have tried before, and goes perfectly with an antipasto platter and great conversation. An occasion is optional. Visit the Riccadonna Facebook page to share your no-particular-reason celebration.

Do you believe ‘occasions’ are overrated? What’s your favourite non-reason for celebration?

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