Meet the woman who has taught us what you should NEVER do with a bubble mask.

Remember the 100 layers of makeup trend last year? It’s back and bubblier than ever.

To mark one year since she did her first 100 layers of makeup video (we’re talking foundation, fake tan, lipstick and eyelashes), YouTuber Jeely has taken it one step further by layering on her face 100 layers of the skincare product of the moment, the bubble mask.

Do we really need to say please don’t try this at home?

Image: YouTube/Jeely

To do the challenge, Jeely bought three tubs of the carbonated bubble mask which she applied with a makeup brush.

At first it looks like any normal face mask. Then the bubbles start to grow.

"I have to do this fast, there are already so many bubbles I'm going to look like the Cookie Monster," she says.

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By the second layer, things are already getting difficult as the mask gets harder to spread over the existing bubbles. The only solution? Give up the dainty brush and go straight in with her hands.

It goes from bad to worse as the YouTuber spills half of it on her t-shirt, gets the mixture up in her nose and swallows more than is probably healthy as she laughs.

As she reaches 60 layers, she says it's hard to breathe through her nose.

Image: YouTube/Jeely

"It's in my nose, in my mouth and almost in my eyes," she says.

A few more layers in and she begins questioning why one earth she attempted to do it in the first place.

"I think this might be the most stupid idea I've ever had," she says.
"I've got it in my mouth and it does not taste good."

Image: YouTube/Jeely

Safe to say we won't be recreating this ourselves. Don't let it put you off the regular bubble masks though - they do have their advantages.

Inspired by Korean beauty trends, the premise of the bubble mask is that they deeply clean your pores and remove all the dirt and oil. The formula reacts with the oxygen to create the bubbles, which allow the active ingredients of the mask to get deeper into your skin.

Oh, and yes - they are hilariously fun to do too.