10 things women with freckles know to be true.

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While freckles seem to be having a moment right now, they’re not often thought of as de rigueur. But there’s a fresh reason to embrace your freckles. An Icelandic study of 2,230 people found that freckles (and brown hair and blue eyes) are caused by a variant in the gene IRF4.

This gene variant can reduce the levels of melanin that reaches keratinocytes (stay with us here), which are the surface cells on the skin. The lower amounts of melanin result in freckling of the skin. The lesson? People with freckles have an entirely unique genetic makeup than those who don’t. Freckle faces, unite!

1. Sunscreen is your best friend.

You have to wear the sunscreen that barely even rubs in, you know, the zinc like paste that marathon runners wear. This is applied at all times, even when walking outside to get the mail. Yes, it’s a pain, but there are ways to make it easier! The Ultraceuticals SPF 50+ Skinactive Body Spray ($59) is a quick to apply spray-on sunscreen that has all of the protection and none of that thick gloop feel. Win.

2. Getting a tan comes with a hefty price.

Because you don't get a tan, you get a fran. A freckle tan. Sometimes you wonder if your freckles will turn into one giant one.

3. You have foundation issues. 

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Foundation looks super obvious on your face... and even tinted moisturizer can be a struggle. Finding the proper shade is a nightmare (do I match my skin or the freckles?!).

Just check out some of these freckle-faced women. (Post continues after gallery.)

 4. People ask you if you have something on your face. 

"I think you have chocolate on your face... Oh wait, never mind." Sound familiar?

5. People also ask if you've counted them.

No. Just no.

6. You have your dermatologist on speed dial.

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Checking your freckles at least once a day is a common struggle. And the slightest difference in a spot has you reaching for the phone to call the dermatologist.

7. You are still called cute. 

No matter your age, you're still classified as cute... the struggle is real.

8. People will try to relate... but they never really can.

When someone says, "I have freckles too!". But really they  have about three scattered artfully on their nose...

9. But at the same time, people are buying products to give themselves fake freckles.

Now the beauty industry have cottoned on and lo and behond, a freckle pencil is born. Everyone wants the freckles you are naturally graced with. So embrace them!

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10. Also having something in common with Emma Stone and Lucy Liu is never a bad thing.

Freckles are a true sign of individuality - and it's never a bad thing to have something in common with some of the most gorgeous women on the planet.

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