10 of the greatest unsolved beauty mysteries of our time.

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There is one question that stumps me at least twice a day – where did ALL of my bobby pins go? Let’s be honest – there are few things in life as utterly confounding. But it turns out I’m not alone, other women are struggling with the peculiar happenings of their beauty routine…

1. Why does my mouth automatically open when I’m applying mascara?

It’s something I’ve been doing for years and I know I’m not alone. Every single time I apply mascara my mouth and my eyes automatically go open wide like I’m in a horror movie. Please, someone tell me, what is the reason behind this reflex?

 2. Where do all my bobby pins go?

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I’ve owned about 5000 of these bad boys in my lifetime and yet I can NEVER find any. Leaving them on the bathroom cabinet and bedside table means they should be together at all times, and yet mysteriously they’re never there. Where art thou, bobby pins?

The mystery continues...(Image via iStock)

3. Why can I never do my nails quite like the salon can?

Two thin coats. Using the correct tools. Waiting patiently in-between coats. It doesn't matter how dedicated I am, every single time I can’t even get close to the salon finish. I'm putting this one down to nail salon black magic. Or my lack of coordination.

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4. Why do I always miss a strip of hair on my legs.

Every. Time. Carefully taking the time to shave my legs and ensuring I don’t miss a spot. Get out of the shower. Get dressed. Go outdoors. And bam. There it is. A strip that is always in exactly the same place. Sound familiar?

5. Why does getting my hair washed at the hairdresser feel so amazing?

Nothing quite comes close to the delightful smell of the products and feeling of a hairdresser massaging your scalp. As much as I try to replicate it in the shower at home it doesn't even come close. Why laying back in the chair and having a stranger touch your head is close to the best feeling you will ever experience, is a common yet pervasive mystery.

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6. Why does my hair always look the best on days when I don't leave the house?

Or on the day I'm getting it all cut off? Seriously.

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7. Why is it that the perfumes you hate always last longer than the ones you love?

When you try a tester and it's awful, but you can't get rid of the smell even five showers later. Then you spray your favourite scent and as soon as you step out of the house it has seemingly vanished.

8. Why does my makeup look completely different when I leave the house?

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It looks blended and fabulous in the mirror at home, then when you catch your reflection upon leaving the house it's completely patchy. Waterproof mascara, primer, long-lasting foundation and yet by midday I look completely different. Why?

9. Why do my shampoo and conditioner never run out at the same time?

I don't even double shampoo my hair and yet every time I need to replace one the other is still half full. It is a perpetual cycle of doom that I will never fully understand. I can never buy the cheap bulk sets either - because then I will have double of one and I am worried that is a slippery slope to hoarding.

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10. Why does my foundation change colour?

How can your foundation be the perfect bloody shade one day and way off the next? It's obviously the foundations fault and not the unforgiving lighting in my bathroom or my bad eyesight...

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