The Young Mummy shared a photo while on the toilet, and she almost got away with it.

Video by Mamamia Women's Network


We are so used to seeing the highlight reel on our social media feeds.

The perfect Sunday brunch photo, but no words what happened on the Saturday night. Kids smiling happily in a family photo but missing the tantrum just before. A snap of your new fab outfit, but no mention of the hours it took your friends to take it.

All of that not mentioned.

Thanks to one of our favourite bloggers, The Young Mummy, the reality behind some of her pictures is showcased in all its glory.

Take a look at this sweet snap of her son she recently shared:

the young mummy son

All looks well, actually - completely gorgeous. One of those rare mother-son moments.


In her full Instagram post, soon-to-be mum of two shared what was actually going on while the shot was being taken.

Yep, that's right.

Nothing better than bonding with your mum while she's trying to go.

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