Won’t someone please – PLEASE – go travelling with lonely boy Paddy James?

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Ladies, we have a colossal favour to ask.

Now we know you’re all very, very busy, but hear us out.

An Irish fella by the adorable name of Paddy James needs your help. You see, he is the unwilling victim of travel bud Robert Keane being a “sh*t friend” and got ditched on a planned backpacking trip around the East Coast of Australia.


The 23-year-old is now lonely and alone and SO LONELY and desperately needs someone to “please include him” on their travels.

This is probably a good time to show you what “lonely” Paddy James looks like.

Loooooooonely. Paddy's so looooooonely.
He's got noboooooodyyyyy.
Fooooor his oooowwwwwwn.

What incredible biceps abs pectoral muscles sunglasses.

In what is a complete and total shock Paddy has been inundated with messages from women who are just a li'l bit keen to give him some company/smell his hair.


One Facebook user wrote on the Australian Backpackers Facebook page, “I wanna trip with him!”, to which another replied, “I wanna marry him.”

Same, other commenter. Same.

Speaking to Mail Online, Paddy admitted: "My phone blew up for a couple of days."

Listen: The couple that retired at 30 and travelled the world. (Post continues after audio.)

"I received a mixture of messages: some from people travelling around the same time, others asking me to go different dates.

"Some were offering to show me around when I'm in different cities and some girls even asked me to visit their country."

But here's the best part: Paddy has yet to find a travel companion who is leaving Sydney on the same date as he is, meaning THE DOOR IS STILL OPEN, PEOPLE.

I'll meet you all at Kathmandu.

Images via Facebook

Would you travel with Paddy James/smell his hair/bask in his effervescent glow?


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