The best thing about American soaps is that you can have a day off school and watch an episode and then not watch again until you are on maternity leave looking after your own children or chucking a sickie with a hangover 20 years later and still know what’s going on. Pretty much.

23 years after it first began, The Bold and the Beautiful  is showing few signs of old age. That Ridge is still a busy, brooding man and Brooke? She’s still got a furrowed little brow. Except it’s not actually furrowed anymore because of the Botox everyone on daytime TV seems to have injected through a garden hose.  Some people watch every episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, some people come in and out and some people never watch it at all.  But if you have ever wondered what it was about – here it is, the whole shebang condensed into 6 minutes.

Thanks Chas

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