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This former barmaid and incredible cook made the final 4 of Masterchef in Season 2 but was knocked out over an allegedly underwhelming Indian dish.

Four years later,  Courtney Roulston (now a caterer and brand ambassador), has announced her engagement to partner of six years, Sophie King. They certainly make a fine pear (no, wait. Flan. They make a great pear flan).

Newly affianced King shared the news on Facebook yesterday after proposing with a sparkler the size of an oyster. It was an emotional moment: even the cake was in tiers.



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“My wife to be @courtneyroulston.”


“The most beautiful person inside and out. Absolutely delighted that she said ‘yes’,” King told friends.


Screen Shot 2014 11 02 at 3.59.15 PM copy 380x399 Masterchef favourite spills the beans on romance.

Sophie and Courtney. Image via Instagram.


In an interview with Who magazine in 2010 Roulston admitted that she purposely put her personal life on the back burner during her time on the show.

“I didn’t downplay that I’m in a relationship with a woman for any reason other than not wanting to be put in the gay blonde girl bracket,” she said.

“People can be quick to make an opinion before they know you, so I wanted to let my cooking do the talking.”

One thing’s for sure: it will be the best catered wedding in history.

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