3 ways to update your hair for spring.


A lot of women say to me, ‘Zoe, how is that you can play the harp while painting your toes?’, which is a secret I shall never reveal. Something else they often ask is, ‘How can I update my hair, which is currently as inspiring as a bruised banana, and desperately needs a change?’

To which I respond:

1. Create one ‘block’ statement.

Hair jewels

It might be snipping in a choppy, Alexa Chung-style fringe. It might be going all one length, cutting out all those layers you’ve had since you were 25. It might be wearing your hair in a low plait or high bun for a change. It might be using sparkly, bejewelled, embellished clips and hair accessories, which are very in. It might be going all-over brunette. (Ladies who hate when their brown hair turns red after a few weeks must avoid the words “warm” and “chocolate” when explaining what they want to their colourist.

Instead ask for a ‘cool, flat brunette shade, which will definitely not fade to red/gold’.) Just choose one big thing you’d like to change, and do it. There’s no need to do a colour, a style and a cut change all at once. Just one. But make sure it excites you.

2. Update your balayage or dip dye

Dramatic dip-dye is a bit… Done. However, if you still like the look/idea of dark roots that suddenly turn quite blonde indeed a few inches down, and are not yet ready to kiss goodbye the look, may I recommend you 1) chop off some length, to at least the collarbones. This instantly updates tired balayage, and will hugely improve the condition and look of your hair. And then 2) Freshen things up even more by having the severe line between the dark and blonde blended in, and a toner applied all over so you avoid the warm/golden ends and cool roots look, which can happen when you don’t treat and tone and look after your balayage. (Eg: you get it done, then just let the dark roots grow and grow and never think about/look after the blonde bits again.)

Drew Barrymore – old balayage vs. new balayage

3. Cut your hair very, very short.

Alicia Keys

If Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway, Alicia Keys, Michelle Williams and Danni Minogue are all bold enough to snip off their long, heavily-photographed tresses, perhaps you are, too? Particularly if you have a heart-shaped (Minogue) or oval-shaped (Hathaway) face, both of which look fantastic with short, sleek crops. If you have a rounder face, then go for a longer, sweeping fringe, and if you’re more square, (like Cyrus) opt for a little more length, both in the fringe and the cut, so there is some softness around the face and jawline. But while I advocate a chic, short crop, I also recommend making it a journey, rather than doing it in one go. Take 2-3 cuts to get there, because 1) it’s fun and you might fall in love with a jawline-length bob for six months, 2) because going very long to very short can sometimes be a bit traumatic and 3) because you might have been saturated with white wine and freshly broken-hearted when you made the decision to chop it all off.

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Are you changing your hair for spring?