Zoe Foster-Blake and Hamish Blake expecting a baby.

Hamish with Zoe

Congratulations to beauty guru Zoe Foster-Blake and radio funny man Hamish Blake!

The couple are officially expecting a baby. Hamish announced the news via his radio show this afternoon, saying: “As of this week, Zo and I can confirm that we are expecting.” Zoe is 12 weeks pregnant so far.

Hamish joked that the pair of them would try and teach their cat, Meowbert, to change nappies before now and next year.

He also tweeted the below picture:

We have never been so excited about an Aussie celeb pregnancy, and we can’t wait to see their baby arrive – presumably, he or she will be a complete wonderchild.

33-year-old Zoe and 32-year-old Hamish have been married since December 2012 , when they took us all by surprise by announcing their wedding via Twitter.

It was an intimate ceremony, held at Wolgan Valley in NSW, with just 22 guests and carried out in their typical irreverent style (they had a Snickers cake, and instead of a first dance, they performed a magic show for their guests):

Zoe and Hamish’s wedding

Incidentally, the pair also announced their engagement via Twitter (anyone else seeing a trend here?) in January 2012, when Hamish Tweeted: “Highlight of 2011? Proposing to @zotheysay! Couldn’t be happier. She LOVED the rock. And said yes by the way.”

The image that accompanied Hamish’s announcement

Zoe and Hamish were friends for years before they got together in 2010. In 2009, they even wrote a dating manual together, called Textbook Romance. (That sound you hear is the frantic footsteps of hundreds of women rushing out to buy the book.)

Incidentally, Zoe also used to be the former beauty writer here at Mamamia, and is almost single-handedly responsible for everything the MM Team know about make up, dry shampoo, applying illuminator (in triangle shapes!) and how to hide a hangover. (Read her awesome posts here.)

Congratulations to the couple again – we’re thrilled to see Zoe moving onto another exciting phase in her life. Here’s a taste of our favourite Zoe and Hamish pics (thanks Instagram):

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