Zoë Foster Blake did not like how Richie was treating her husband on The Bachelor.

Don’t you hate it when you’re having a lovely Thursday night in, ready to watch The Bachelor with a few blankets and a glass of wine, when all of a sudden your husband’s SILLY FACE comes up on the screen?

"Hi Zoë." Image via Channel 10.

Yes, well, that's what happened to Zoë Foster Blake.

I mean, not really. I'm sure she was well aware her husband was going to be on the Bachelor. But it must still be a disconcerting experience to have your Bachie time interrupted by your husband behaving like a toddler named Rory.


But it was Richie's reaction to Hamish's Rory's antics that really caught Foster Blake's attention.

Yes, he was being annoying. Yes, he was a grown man behaving like a baby. Yes, he threw his dinosaur toy out of the car door, flipped a table, poured a drink all over the floor, made Richie's date go to the toilet with him AND sing him a song, and then perved on the couple as they made out, but that was NO REASON to have a dig at poor Rory.

So when Richie referred to Rory as a 'very difficult situation,' Foster Blake had something to say.

How is this a 'difficult situation'???!? Image via Channel 10.

As a mother to a toddler who probably behaves a lot like Rory, she wasn't going to take Richie's comment lying down.

"I don't appreciate you calling my husband a 'very difficult situation,' Richie," tweeted Foster Blake. "It's Mr Very Difficult Situation."


Take that, Richie.

The hilarity of the situation wasn't lost on the 36-year-old mum, who could also tell Richie's date, Faith, was getting impatient to spend some solo time with Richie.

It might all be roses and romance in The Bachelor mansion, but real life looks a lot more like a day out with Rory than any of the other dates this season.

We just hope for Zoë Foster Blake's sake that Rory is a one-time character. Because a man-baby would be funny for approximately 20 minutes before it became a serious problem.

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