Fourteen-years-old, orphaned, "married" to a terrorist and stuck in a war zone.

The eldest daughter of one of Australia’s most notorious terrorists Khaled Sharrouf says that life in Raqqa, Syria, is “normal”, despite struggling to care for her four younger siblings and newborn baby.

“I’m doing fine, just a lot of stress these days,” 14-year-old Zaynab said, speaking to the Daily Telegraph.

She has confirmed her father was dead, attempting to silence ongoing speculation by the media he could still be alive.

“My dad alive? Yeah I know about that. But we know for sure that he’s dead. It was confirmed ages ago,” she said.
“Who would you believe, the media that like to make lies or his family who witnessed it.”

It is the first time the teenager has spoken to Australian press since she and her siblings were taken to Syria by their mother in early 2014.

Tara Nettleton died of complications related to appendicitis in September last year, leaving the children orphaned after their father was reportedly killed by a drone strike just a month earlier.

The children are now wards of the Islamic State, much to the distress of their Australian grandmother, Karen Nettleton has been desperately trying to bring them home.

Karen Nettleton describe the distress she felt when she heard her 13-year-old grand daughter had been married and impregnated by an Islamic State terrorist:

Video via ABC 7.30 Report

“I’m in contact with my grandmother thankfully, I try and speak to her as much as I can. I send her photos as well,” Zaynab said.

Nettleton recently flew to Abu Dhabi en route to Turkey to try an find them after Australian authorities repeatedly refused to help her.

She became increasingly desperate after an image of her grandson Abdullah holding a severed head was widely circulated, along with information that Zaynab had been “married” to 31-year-old IS terrorist Mohamod Elomar and fallen pregnant.

*Feature image via ABC’s 7.30.

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