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Are you looking for a way to get the whole family to clean around the house? Even if the kids start by just doing their own rooms? Why not sign up for the VIVA®-30-Day-Challenge! It’s a great way to create new cleaning habits in your home. By setting the challenge to the entire family you’ll make cleaning fun and the VIVA® range of products makes cleaning fast and easy. The VIVA® 30-Day-Challenge encourages your family to share the load over 30 days. You can delegate individual tasks and access your personalised downloadable calendar so everyone knows what they need to do. The calendar not only allocates tasks but sets motivating rewards so they actually want to clean! Your children can help you re-create your family using avatars and personalised profiles. By signing up, you’ll also be in with a chance of winning $1000 (1 of 20 prizes to win) as well as prizes for runners up. How’s that for a reward for cleaning?

Everyone in your family will know their role and you’ll be amazed at how quickly they get used to their new cleaning chores, and how amazing your home looks. Cleaning will no longer be your sole responsibility or a huge burden so you can enjoy your time at home and enjoy more time with your family!

The VIVA® Brand has developed a range of cleaning products beyond VIVA® Paper Towels that will help you in your home:

VIVA® Paper Towels
VIVA® Paper Towels can be used in every room for every cleaning task. Used dry to mop up spills or wet to polish furniture, there’s really no paper towel quite like it. Unlike ordinary paper towels, VIVA® Paper Towels have unique revolutionary V-Shaped Ripples to provide a superior clean. They work like a cloth as they don’t fall apart when wet, they are great at trapping and containing mess and they leave surfaces drier. Spilled coffee or wine is quickly soaked up and they’re brilliant wet for messy faces and fingers.

VIVA® Stainless Steel Wipes
Stainless Steel appliances look so sleek in any kitchen but can be so hard to clean without leaving streaks. It can be really frustrating. But with MarkGuard technology, VIVA® Stainless Steel Wipes quickly and safely clean all stainless steel surfaces, removing finger marks and smears. The super soft wipes leave a thin invisible layer to further protect your appliances and repel dust.After using the VIVA® Stainless Steel Wipes you can use VIVA® Paper Towel to buff and restore your stainless steel to showroom condition!

VIVA® Glass and Mirror Wipes
Glass and mirrors are also hard to clean without leaving streaks. Have you ever tried the spray and newspaper trick? The newspaper quickly becomes tattered, leaving bits all over the surface. Thank goodness for VIVA® Glass and Mirror Wipes. The unique 'woven web' design removes mess and residue from the surface using only water. These wipes deliver streak free/lint free results, with no need for chemical sprays. Children can easily help out and clean glass, mirrors and windows in their bedrooms.

VIVA® Shower Fast Wipes
Showers become dirty so quickly and they aren’t easy to clean. Grime and scum are stubborn and usually it takes quite a bit of scrubbing to get it all off, not to mention having to use harmful cleaning products. VIVA® Shower Fast Wipes cut through soap-scum on your glass screens and tiles with ease, so you can deal with it as soon as the haze sets in. The unique dual textured fabric has a non-scratch scrub side which lifts and traps stubborn soap-scum and a smooth side to finish, while an inbuilt anti-scum solution reduces future build-up. Great results without gloves!


VIVA® Kitchen Scrub Wipes
After preparing the family dinner at night, the last thing anyone want to do is a long clean up afterwards. When you only want to take moments to clean the kitchen, there's VIVA® Kitchen Scrub Wipes, which are quick and so easy to use. They effectively remove grease, grime and dried food – even spaghetti sauce and baked on grease! Similar to VIVA® Shower Fast Wipes, the unique dual textured fabric has a non-scratch scrub side for tougher mess and a smooth side for lighter jobs and to finish. The products are safe to use on food preparation areas. While your children bring in the dishes, you can give the benches and cooktop a quick wipe down!

VIVA® TV & Computer Wipes
If you take a closer look at your TV or computer screen, you’ll find they’re usually covered in all kinds of dust, dirt and fingerprints that are impairing the display.  Not only are these bad for the device but screens, whether it’s your TV, phone, computer or tablet, are delicate surfaces to clean. That’s where VIVA® TV & Computer Wipes come in. Each pack includes soft non-toxic wipes as well as a micro-fibre cloth to safely clean your TV, computer and portable touch screens. These wipes have been independently tested on leading brands of TVs, computers, laptops and portable touch screens and comply with TÜV SÜD’s TFT/LCD screen safety standards. They can also be stored cleverly at home with your DVD’s or you can pop the on-the-go pack in your laptop bag. They’re simply brilliant!

Are your kids helping you out around the house? Here are some tips to ensure they clean safely:

·         Always have children wash their hands after using cleaning products.

·         Make sure your children do not rub their eyes when cleaning.

·         Make it fun but also get the job done. A system of rewards really works. Try a sticker chart or a stamp once the job is done. You can create a personalised online calendar at

For parents of teenagers, use these tips to encourage them to lend a hand:

·         Decide together which cleaning duties they're responsible for.

·         Let them create their own cleaning schedule. Instead of verbal reminders, place the cleaning calendar where it's easy to see – like on the fridge!

·         Each week reward them with their choice of dinner. Each teenager gets to choose one night (and no, hot dogs and pizza can’t be combined into one night!)

·         Help your children get ready for adulthood. There is no magical cleaning fairy. They have to clean and you’ll have taught them how.

For more cleaning hints and tips, go to the VIVA Share the Cleaning site!


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