This dog is better at yoga than you'll ever be.

I wish I was better at training my dogs.

Compared to Instagram-famous Secret the Australian Shepherd, my dogs are like the kids that finish last in the athletics carnival and receive participation ribbons.

Secret (@my_aussie_girl on Instagram) is a two-year-old, clicker trained Border Collie who is a very good girl.

Videos uploaded to her Instagram account (an account which is most-likely managed by her owner) show dog and owner engaging in yoga sessions together.

And… Secret is genuinely not bad. You know, for a dog.

Watch Secret the yoga-loving Aussie Shepherd going through a yoga routine with her owner. Post continues after video. 

Video via my_aussie_gal

In case you think “meh, who cares”, Secret also draws. And plays piano.

This two-year-old dog is more widespread vocationally than I am. Cool.

As you can clearly see above, she’s drawn a ball.

Secret has a cool 207, 000 followers on Instagram. You can become one of them, here.

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