Would you wear this booze-filled bracelet?

Designer Cynthia Rowley has created a new accessory that's both easy on the eyes (a major statement piece for parties) and highly functional (it stores a little something to help you be more sociable at those parties): It's a bangle bracelet that doubles as a flask.

The stainless steel, patent-pending piece is available for $225 on the designer's website, and the product description reveals her simple thinking behind the innovation: "Necessity is the mother of invention."

As to when it's appropriate to wear it? "Drinking at work has never been this much fun,"Rowley told Yahoo! Shine. (We were thinking weekend BBQ, but OK!)

The ingenious piece is already proving to be a fan favorite on social media — and among celebrities. As Yahoo Shine! noted, Gwyneth Paltrow recently posted a photo on her lifestyle site Goop with the caption: "Who doesn't need a covert flask?"

Granted, we can think of some things we need more than a covert flask — our family's health and safety, money to cover our bills… stuff like that. But we admit it would be a ton of fun to rock this designer novelty, or one of the more affordable versions out there. 

So let's hear from you: Would you wear a booze-filled accessory?

Alesandra Dubin is a Los Angeles-based writer and the founder of home and travel blog Homebody in Motion. Follow her on FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter.