Would you have sex with a baby in the room?

‘There were 3 in the bed and the little one said: what are you two doing?’

Would you have sex with a baby in the room?

Apparently, one third of Swedish parents are doing just that.

Many have reported having sex, while their children are in the bed with them.

These Swedish survey results are making headlines around the world and dividing parents into ‘it’s okay’ and ‘absolutely no way‘ camps.

One guest on UK breakfast show, The Morning said that sex in the same bed as an infant was fine, so long as the child was asleep but another said that doing so was ‘verging on child abuse.’

A UK newspaper reported:

Mother of two Lynnea Shrief admits that she has had sex with her husband while their baby was in the bed, confessing to hiding her ‘squeals of delight’ with a pillow.

She believes that as long as the child is asleep, there is nothing wrong with it.

Journalist Sonia Poulten, on the other hand, says to make love while a child is in the same room is ‘disgusting’.

‘I co-slept with both my children and breastfed them until they were between nine and 12 months,’ Lynnea said on the ITV breakfast chat show today. ‘If the baby woke up I would roll over and breastfeed, and then go back to sleep.

But Sonia Poulten believes that even a sleeping baby can be affected by their parents making love in the same room.

‘The only time you should mix a child with sex is when you are creating them,’ she said today.

‘My gut instinct just says ‘”this isn’t okay,”‘ she added.

What do you think? Is it okay for parents to have sex while their child is in the same room? Is it okay for them to have sex while their child is in the bed? Does your answer change depending on the age of the child?

As a kid, did you ever bust your parents?

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